15.3. Internationalization

When dealing with distributed teams, one of the important considerations is language and culture across continental boundaries. Team Foundation Server is not designed to work with multiple languages; you can install only one per server. If you try to get language-specific versions of Team Suite accessing a Team Foundation Server that has been set to a different culture and language, you may get unexpected results such as error messages and other user interfaces (UI) in other languages. As a best practice, we greatly encourage that you match up the language of your clients with the server.


Here is an important consideration. You can install the English version of Team Foundation Server on Windows Server 2003 localized to most languages (such as Korean). However, you cannot install a localized version of Team Foundation Server without its localized Windows Server equivalent. For example, if you are installing the Korean version of Team Foundation Server, you must install Team Foundation Server on a Windows Server 2003 also localized to Korean.

The following matrix explains what language combination of servers are supported:

Team Foundation ServerWindows Server 2003Windows SharePoint Services Service Pack 2
English versionEnglish versionEnglish version
English versionLocalized versionMust be English version
Localized versionEnglish versionMust be localized to same language as Team Foundation Server
Localized versionLocalized (must be localized to the ...

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