5.3. Restoring Team Foundation Server to the Same Server

In some disaster recovery scenarios, you have to restore the data onto brand new hardware. However, sometimes you don't have a disaster situation where you need to use a new server. It could just be that the data has become corrupt in the database, and you want to roll back to an archived copy. In this section, you learn the steps required to restore a Team Foundation Server backup onto the original server. In a later section, you learn how to restore onto a new server.


To follow these instructions, you must have the data-tier Team Foundation Server from which the backups were taken in good working order.

There are five steps involved in restoring a Team Foundation Server from its backup. These steps should be performed in the following order:

  1. Stop Application Tier Services:

    1. On the application tier, open the Reporting Services Configuration Tool, as described previously, click the Server Status link; then click the Stop button. This will stop the report server.

    2. Next, open the Services window by clicking StartControl PanelAdministrative ToolsServices.

    3. Right-click the following services and click Stop:

      • SharePoint Timer

      • TFSServerScheduler ...

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