9.2. Team Foundation Core Services

The Team Foundation Core Services (TFCS) are a set of services, running on the application tier, which allow you access to different aspects of Team Foundation Server, including administration, security, and events. TFCS consists of five services:

  • Classification service—Provides access to Team Project information.

  • Eventing service—Provides access to events thrown by Team Foundation Server

  • Linking service—Provides ability to link items together, such as work items and files that are version controlled

  • Registration service—Points Team Foundation Server to the correct tools and services

  • Security service—Provides ability to manage groups, users, and permissions

These services are implemented as Web services, and are used by Team Explorer and the different areas of Team Foundation Server. When utilizing the Team Foundation Core Services, you should not call the Web services directly. Instead, you should use the Team Foundation Object Model to interact with the Team Foundation Core Services. Microsoft will provide backward compatibility with the object model only, not the Web services, so you should use the object model to ensure your applications work with future versions of Team Foundation Server.

In the following sections, you will learn about each service and what it does. You can learn even more about the Team Foundation Core Services and the Team Foundation Object Model by downloading the Visual Studio 2005 SDK. This SDK contains documentation and ...

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