9.3. Team Foundation Server Object Model

Extensibility starts with the Team Foundation Server Object Model (TFSOM). This object model allows you to create applications that can communicate with the application tier of Team Foundation Server. Think of the TFSOM as an API for working with Team Foundation Server. Utilizing the TFSOM, you can work with the following pieces of Team Foundation Server:

  • Team Foundation Core Services

  • Version Control Object Model

  • Work Item Tracking Object Model

  • Team Build Object Model

  • Team Foundation Data Warehouse Object Model

The Version Control Object Model and the Work Item Tracking Object Model allow you to interact with the version control system and work items, respectively. You will learn more about these in Chapters 11 and 12.

Figure 9-1 shows a visual representation of the extensibility of Team Foundation Server.

Figure 9.1. Figure 9-1

9.3.1. The TeamFoundationServer Object

The TeamFoundationServer object is where you start with the TFSOM. It contains the basic attributes of the Team Foundation Server. In addition, it provides access to the Team Foundation Core Services, as well as any other services that have been registered with Team Foundation Server, such as version control and work item tracking.

To get started, open Visual Studio 2005 and create a new C# console application. Before you can begin using the TeamFoundationServer object, you need ...

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