Chapter 2

Planning a Deployment

What's in this chapter?

Organizing a plan for adoption

Setting up timelines for adoption

Structuring team projects and team project collections

Hardware and software requirements


Before installing or configuring Team Foundation Server, it is helpful to lay out a plan and to identify the areas that need some preparation work to ensure a successful adoption. This chapter discusses methods for gaining consensus in your organization for the adoption. You will learn about some potential adoption timelines and strategies to ensure a smooth transition for your teams from legacy systems to Team Foundation Server. Finally, the discussion walks you through some of the immediate preparation steps for gathering what you will need before you start the installation and configuration of your new Team Foundation Server environment.

In Chapter 1 you read about the high-level features available in Team Foundation Server 2012, including what is new for this release. Now it's time to convince your boss and team that it would be worthwhile to adopt Team Foundation Server. The following sections examine some of the ways you can prepare for your proposal to your team.

Identifying and Addressing Software Engineering Pain

One key to selling the idea of an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution is to identify the pain points that your organization and teams are experiencing, and to address those pain points with possible solutions. Your organization may have a ...

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