Chapter 7

Ensuring Code Quality

What's in this chapter?

Reviewing check-in policies

Monitoring check-in policy overrides

Creating custom check-in policies

Deploying custom check-in policies

Setting up gated check-in builds

Reconciling workspaces after gated check-in builds

Managing code reviews Code Downloads for this Chapter

The code downloads for this chapter are found at http:// on the Download Code tab. The code is in the Chapter 7 download and individually named according to the code file names given throughout this chapter.

One of the main selling points of Team Foundation Server is its tight integration among work item tracking, version control, build, and reporting. This tight feedback loop in the underlying collaboration system for developers means that it is easy to tell when the software is improving in quality.

Improving the quality of the code involves a many-faceted view on what is good quality. There is no point in picking one or two metrics and making people score high on those, as people will just “play the game” and change their focus on a good score on those single metrics sometimes at the expense of what might be the best thing to focus on at that point in the life cycle. Too much focus in any single area will likely lead to unhealthy practices elsewhere. For example, if you were to evaluate developers based on the number of lines of code they create a day, the temptation would be to copy and paste ...

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