Chapter 12

Customizing Process Templates

What's in this chapter?

Understanding the artifacts contained in a process template

Using the Process Template Editor

Learning about custom work item controls

Deploying custom work item controls to client machines


Although Team Foundation Server contains several great out-of-the-box process templates, and several quality third-party process templates exist in the supporting ecosystem, you may find the need to customize the process template in a multitude of different ways. Tools are available for editing the artifacts necessary for customizing a team project's process template.

This chapter introduces you to these tools and the different types of customizations available. You will also learn how to easily deploy changes to work item type definitions through the use of the automated build system in Team Foundation Server.

It is important to note that customizable process templates are currently enabled only for the on-premises Team Foundation Server product and not for the hosted Team Foundation Service offering at the time of this writing. It may be something that is enabled in the future but until then, customers using the Team Foundation Service are not able to customize their process templates.

Anatomy of a Process Template

Process templates are built around the concept that a process should enable you, rather than hinder you. If you implement too little of a process, you must expend significant effort to stay on track. The inroads ...

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