Chapter 23

Monitoring Server Health and Performance

What's in this chapter?

Understanding factors that affect Team Foundation Server health

Monitoring SQL Server health

Learning useful queries for investigating SQL Server performance

Learning about data sources available for monitoring Team Foundation Server

New diagnostics and monitoring functionality in Team Foundation Server 2012

Using valuable tools and reports


The health of a Team Foundation Server can be broken down into three components:

1. System health
2. SQL Server health
3. Team Foundation Server health

The health and performance of Team Foundation Server is largely dependent upon the health and performance of the underlying components. For example, if the storage subsystem is not performing well, then SQL Server performance will likely suffer and, in turn, affect the performance of Team Foundation Server commands.

This chapter provides an overview of how you can monitor the health and performance of Team Foundation Server.

While Team Foundation Server was being developed, the entire Developer Division at Microsoft (approximately 3000 users) started using the server as its primary source control and bug-tracking system. This onboarding process continued through the 2008 release, and the overall size and usage of the server increased. As more teams were moved onto the server, performance issues with the application were identified and fixed.
Because of this aggressive internal usage over an extended time period, ...

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