Chapter 20Release Management

What's in this chapter?

  • Learning about the new Release Management tool
  • Installing and configuring Visual Studio Release Management
  • Planning and managing a release

Team Foundation Server has long supported excellent software development practices, but deployment of built software has traditionally been managed separately. Often, it has involved manual steps at the end of a build, which are prone to human error. Release Management for Visual Studio 2013 provides an integrated and feature-rich deployment tool to ease the release process for developed applications.

A primary goal of any deployment process should be its ability to support frequent releases. If a deployment process is straightforward and relatively hands-off, teams can release more frequently and can respond to change quickly and safely.

Another important consideration, particularly in large enterprises, is transparency and compliance to an established process. It is important to know which version of a project has been released to an environment and who authorized that release.

Getting Started with Release Management for Visual Studio 2013

Release Management for Visual Studio 2013 is a set of software applications and components that work with Team Foundation Server to provide an automated deployment solution. It facilitates repeatable and transparent deployment pipelines from Team Foundation Server 2010, 2012, or 2013 to deployment environments right up to production. It also supports ...

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