AS THIS INTRODUCTION IS BEING WRITTEN, a new range of smart devices is attracting a lot of attention. The operating system that powers these devices is not Android, or iOS, or even Windows Phone. In fact the devices aren’t smartphones at all: The Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are smartwatches, and they’re running the Tizen operating system. Tizen is designed for multiple device categories and soon you’re likely to find it powering devices from smartphones to smart TVs, and from wearables to driveables (the Tizen IVI project for in-vehicle infotainment in cars and buses certainly falls into the latter category). With Tizen smartphones set to hit the market this year, now is the perfect time to learn how to create applications for a smart device platform with a lot of potential.

Professional Tizen Application Development shows you how to write Tizen smartphone applications. While Tizen supports multiple device profiles, this book is focused on the Tizen mobile profile, designed for portable, connected devices, including smartphones and tablets. However, as new forms of Tizen devices are announced, you’ll find that what you learn in this book will provide a good foundation for creating Tizen applications, no matter what device you’re developing for.

Tizen is open source and HTML5 centric. Developers can create applications using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, taking advantage of Tizen’s support for the W3C HTML5 specifications, and a web engine that is tuned to get the ...

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