32.2. Creating Web Projects

In addition to the standard ASP.NET Web Application and Web Site projects, Visual Studio 2008 provides support and templates for several specialized web application scenarios. These include web services, WCF services, server control libraries, and reporting applications. However, before we discuss these you should understand how to create the standard project types.

32.2.1. Creating a Web Site Project

As mentioned previously, creating a Web Site project in Visual Studio 2008 is slightly different from creating a regular Windows-type project. With normal Windows applications and services, you pick the type of project, name the solution, and click "OK". Each language has its own set of project templates and you have no real options when you create the project. Web Site project development is different because you can create the development project in different locations, from the local file system to a variety of FTP and HTTP locations that are defined in your system setup, including the local IIS server or remote FTP folders.

Because of this major difference in creating these projects, Microsoft has separated out the Web Site project templates into their own command and dialog. Selecting New Web Site from the File New sub-menu will display the New Web Site dialog, where you can choose the type of project template you want to use (see Figure 32-1).

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