Visual Studio 2008 is an enormous product no matter which way you look at it. Incorporating the latest advances in Microsoft's premier programming languages, Visual Basic and C#, along with a host of improvements and new features in the user interface, it can be intimidating to both newcomers and experienced .NET developers.

Professional Visual Studio 2008 looks at every major aspect of this developer tool, showing you how to harness each feature and offering advice about how best to utilize the various components effectively. It shows you the building blocks that make up Visual Studio 2008, breaking the user interface down into manageable chunks for you to understand.

It then expands on each of these components with additional details about exactly how it works both in isolation and in conjunction with other parts of Visual Studio to make your development efforts even more efficient.

Who This Book Is For

Professional Visual Studio 2008 is for all developers new to Visual Studio as well as those programmers who have some experience but want to learn about features they may have previously overlooked.

If you are familiar with the way previous versions of Visual Studio worked, you may want to skip Part I, which deals with the basic constructs that make up the user interface, and move on to the remainder of the book where the new features found in Visual Studio 2008 are discussed in detail.

If you're just starting out, you'll greatly benefit from the first part, where ...

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