Chapter 55. Visual Studio Ultimate for Developers


  • Analyzing code for potential problems

  • Profiling applications to find bottlenecks

  • Developing database projects

The Premium and Ultimate editions of Visual Studio 2010 have many advanced features for developers mainly designed to improve quality and facilitate database development. The quality tools include code metrics, static analysis, and profiling tools. It's not that you can't develop quality software with other editions or that using these tools will make sure your software performs well. Obviously, there's more to it than using a few tools, but these can be of great help and will reduce the time invested in other tasks like code review and debugging. The most interesting new debugging tool is called IntelliTrace, which allows you to capture environment information associated with failed test cases.

Chapter 26 already examined some of the tools available for working with databases in Visual Studio 2010. This chapter looks at two main areas: SQL-CLR development, and tools to help teams working with databases. The first will aid in developing and deploying .NET code that will be hosted inside SQL Server. The second will allow you to version schema changes, isolating developers and allowing them to compare changes, auto-generate data, and share their modifications easily with other developers or DBAs.


Code metrics serve as a reference to know how maintainable your code is. Visual Studio 2010 provides ...

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