Chapter 56. Visual Studio Ultimate for Testers


  • Testing web and windows applications

  • Identifying relationships between code and tests

  • Planning, executing, and coordinating testing tasks

  • Managing test environments

You can test an application in many ways. Chapter 11 introduced the concept of unit tests, which are small executable pieces of code that verify a particular aspect of behavior for a single method or class. The first part of this chapter examines the advanced tools built into Visual Studio that are available for other testing tasks, including testing web applications and databases. You also learn how to track the relationships between tests and code.

The 2010 release of Visual Studio also contains a new product called Test and Lab Manager. This tool is designed for testers to interact directly with Team Foundation Servers and manage test plans, suites, and cases. Test and Lab Manager is available with the Ultimate edition of Visual Studio and as a part of a separate pack called Test Elements.


An automated test is a piece of code that verifies the behavior of your application without any user input or control. Once the system has been asked to run an automated test, it can be left unattended until it has completed. To create a new automated test from Visual Studio 2010, use the Test


Figure 56-1. Figure 56-1


Depending on which edition of Visual ...

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