AS A TOOL FOR DEVELOPERS, Visual Studio stands head and shoulders about its competition. The team responsible for developing Visual Studio has always put the productivity of people who code for a living at the top of their priority list. This version continues this tradition. Visual Studio always incorporates the latest advances in Microsoft's premier programming languages (Visual Basic and C#). But the march toward both cloud-based computing and open source has become exorable, and Visual Studio 2015 demonstrates how both of those concepts can be integrated into the product. In theory, it is possible to create any .NET application using tools as simple as Notepad and a command-line window. But the typical developer would never think to do so. The tools and utilities that come with Visual Studio do more to increase the productivity of developers than any other single piece of software currently available. Visual Studio 2015 is no different from previous versions in this respect. It includes a host of improvements and features that are aimed at making the life of a developer easier.

Visual Studio 2015 is an enormous product no matter which way you look at it. It can be intimidating to newcomers and difficult for even experienced .NET developers to find what they need. And that's where this book comes in. Professional Visual Studio 2015 looks at every major aspect of this developer tool, showing you how to harness each feature and offering advice about how best to utilize ...

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