I don't know if I am just naive or what, but I would have thought that writing a second book would have been easier than writing the first. I quickly learned that no book is easy to write, but to make it go as pain-free as possible you have to surround yourself with the best people possible. Sometimes they find you, and sometimes you have to go find them. Once you have everyone assembled, it is like poetry in motion. Therefore it is only appropriate to thank those individuals who made this project much less painful than it could have been.

First and foremost Clay Andres and Neil Salkind, and everyone at Studio B for that matter, for being who they are and for all that they do. They take care of all of the things I don't want to have to worry about and let me do what I like to do. Man, that is nice.

A huge thanks to the guys at Wrox/Wiley for making this book happen. Jim Minatel, for accepting the book idea and letting me write it and for being patient with me when I was hitting a few walls. That meant a lot Jim. I appreciate it. Howard Jones, my development editor, was a delight to work with. I can't thank Bill Ryan, the technical reviewer, enough for the time and energy he put into this. His comments were priceless.

I learned during the writing of the first book that having that "one person" that you could go to for whatever reason made life so much easier. I had that "one person" during the writing of my first book, but it took me awhile to find that "one person" ...

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