WINDOWS 7 HAS A CONSIDERABLE ARRAY of new features to offer. Unlike some of the additions made to previous versions of Windows, these additions are substantial and not just eye candy. Using these features can make your application stand out. They make your application significantly easier to use and more responsive to user needs. In addition, many of the Windows 7 features also make your application more reliable and secure. Unfortunately, many of these features are also difficult to access and poorly documented, which is why you need the Professional Windows 7 Development Guide.

Did you know that Microsoft has made some substantial changes to the way some features work, but not really mentioned them? For example, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) has new functionality, and some older features no longer work because Microsoft has changed the security they depended on to function. The Professional Windows 7 Development Guide makes you aware of changes like this and provides the solutions you need to make your old applications work in the new Windows 7 environment.

You'll also find that Windows 7 is the first version of Windows 7 that truly feels comfortable to work with in the 64-bit environment. Of course, writing 64-bit applications requires a few changes to the way you write code. The Professional Windows 7 Development Guide provides the information you need to write 64-bit code from the Windows 7 perspective.

Of course, this book has a lot more to offer. You'll ...

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