Professional Windows 8 Programming: Application Development with C# and XAML

Book Description

It is an exciting time to be a Windows developer. The arrival of Windows 8 is a complete game changer. The operating system and its development platform offer you an entirely new way to create rich, full-featured Windows-based applications. This team of authors takes you on a journey through all of the new development features of the Windows 8 platform specifically how to utilize Visual Studio 2012 and the XAML/C# languages to produce robust apps that are ready for deployment in the new Windows Store.

Professional Windows 8 Programming:

  • Learn how to utilize XAML to create rich content driven user interfaces

  • Make use of the new AppBar to create a chrome-less menu system

  • See how to support Sensors and Geo-location on Windows 8 devices

  • Integrate your app into the Windows 8 ecosystem with Contracts and Extensions

  • Walks you through the new Windows 8 navigation system for multi-page apps

  • Minimize code with Data Binding and MVVM design patterns

  • Features tips on getting your app ready for the Windows store

  • Maximize revenue for your app by learning about available monetization strategies

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Chapter 1: A Glimpse into the Future
    1. The Game Changer
    2. What Makes Windows 8 Different?
    3. Getting Around in Windows 8
    4. Windows Store App Development
    5. Hello Windows 8
    6. Types of Windows Store Apps
    7. Split Applications
    8. Summary
  4. Chapter 2: What Is XAML?
    1. A Quick XAML History Lesson
    2. XAML Basics
    3. XAML in Visual Studio 2012
    4. Controls for Windows 8
    5. Summary
  5. Chapter 3: Enhancing Your Apps with Control Styles, Data Binding, and Semantic Zoom
    1. Customizing Your Apps
    2. Styling Controls
    3. Data Binding
    4. Windows 8 Data Binding Controls
    5. Using SemanticZoom
    6. Using Custom Controls
    7. Summary
  6. Chapter 4: Windows 8 User Interface Final Touches
    1. Application Bars, Notifications, Splash Screens, and Live Tiles
    2. Working with the App Bar
    3. Adding Notifications
    4. Creating Live Tiles
    5. Splash Screen
    6. Summary
  7. Chapter 5: Application Life Cycle
    1. Applications Reborn
    2. What Is the Windows 8 Life Cycle?
    3. Background Operations
    4. Summary
  8. Chapter 6: Handling Data, Files, and Networking
    1. Getting Started with Data, Files, and Networking
    2. Handling Application Data and Files
    3. Networking
    4. Example: Leaderboard App
    5. Summary
  9. Chapter 7: Sensors
    1. Windows Sensor Platform
    2. Using the 3-D Accelerometer
    3. Using the 3-D Compass
    4. Using the 3-D Gyrometer
    5. Using the Inclinometer
    6. Using the Ambient Light Sensor
    7. Using the Orientation Sensors
    8. Summary
  10. Chapter 8: Geolocation
    1. What Is Geolocation?
    2. Geolocation in Windows 8
    3. Using the Bing Maps SDK
    4. Getting Directions
    5. Summary
  11. Chapter 9: Application Contracts and Extensions
    1. App Contracts and Extensions
    2. Using the File Picker Contract
    3. Using the Cached File Updater Contract
    4. Using the Play To Contract
    5. Using the Search Contract
    6. Using the Settings Contract
    7. Using the Share Contract
    8. Using the Account Picture Provider Extension
    9. Using the AutoPlay Extension
    10. Using the Background Tasks Extension
    11. Using the Camera Settings Extension
    12. Using the Contact Picker Extension
    13. Using the File Activation Extension
    14. Using the Game Explorer Extension
    15. Using the Print Task Settings Extension
    16. Using the Protocol Activation Extension
    17. Using SSL/Certificates Extension
    18. Summary
  12. Chapter 10: Windows Store Application Architecture
    1. Best Practices for Your Apps
    2. Understanding MVVM
    3. Locating ViewModels
    4. Refactoring the Artist Browser
    5. Using Commands to Handle Input
    6. Using MVVM Frameworks
    7. Summary
  13. Chapter 11: Windows Store and Monetization
    1. Windows Store Overview
    2. How Consumers See Your App
    3. Selling Your Apps
    4. Application Packaging
    5. Summary
  14. Chapter 12: Putting It All Together: Building a Windows Store Application
    1. Welcome to the Final Chapter of the Book
    2. Designing the Wrox BookStore App
    3. Diving into the Code
    4. Creating the Home Page
    5. Drilling Down into Groups
    6. Showing Detailed Book Information
    7. Providing a Wish List Feature with SkyDrive
    8. Updating the Tile and Splash Screen
    9. Getting Ready for the Store
    10. Summary
  15. Introduction
  16. Advertisements

Product Information

  • Title: Professional Windows 8 Programming: Application Development with C# and XAML
  • Author(s): Kevin Ashley, Allen Sanders, Doug Holland, Nick Lecrenski
  • Release date: December 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wrox
  • ISBN: 9781118240823