16 WordPress Developer Community


  • Contributing to the WordPress project
  • Using the Trac software
  • Working on the WordPress core using Subversion
  • Exploring valuable WordPress resources for further learning

The WordPress community is what truly makes WordPress. As an open source project, WordPress is continually developed for and by the community, and without community support, the WordPress project would dry up and eventually development would cease. By getting involved, you can help make WordPress the best open source software package on the market.

This chapter discusses the different methods by which you can contribute to the WordPress project. It also covers some valuable WordPress resources to help expand your knowledge of WordPress and how it works.


You can contribute to the WordPress project in many different ways. The most obvious way is to help with the source code that powers WordPress. Helping with the code can include finding and testing bugs, creating patches to fix bugs and add functionality, and helping test the patches against the latest WordPress trunk.

Understanding Trac

Trac is the open source bug-tracking and project management software used to develop the WordPress project. You can visit the official WordPress Trac website at https://core.trac.wordpress.org/.

Trac is an easy way to create and discuss tickets regarding WordPress. Whether it is a bug report, feature request, or enhancement, Trac ...

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