Chapter 12

Custom Activities


  • Creating custom activities
  • Deploying custom activities
  • Making custom activities available in SharePoint Designer
  • Troubleshooting custom activities

By now, you’ve learned you can go quite far in building out a full and complete business solution with SharePoint Designer when you’re confronted by a wide array of business problems. You’ve also learned that SharePoint Designer falls short, infuriatingly short, at times. This chapter explains how you can close the gaps.

Be warned: This is an advanced chapter, and the material it covers is far beyond the skills of your typical activist user. This chapter is the most technically deep in the book. Why break the pattern of the other chapters in the book and cover this? The rationale behind this chapter is that if you’re not a coder, you know some coders in your organization. Describe the gaps you need to close and ask them to read this chapter. Soon enough, you’ll have with the technical solution you need to close some of these frustrating gaps.

As with every chapter in this book, you learn about custom activities in the context of a business problem. Specifically, how to calculate weekend and holiday-aware due dates that take place [x] business days in advance. This chapter keeps the business aspect deliberately simple and narrow so that you can focus on technical challenges and not get bogged down in the business details. Don’t worry, however; the chapter relates this deep technical ...

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