Professional Writing Skills

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A bestseller since 1990 and fully updated in 2010, Professional Writing Skills: A Write It Well Guide, provides a step-by-step process for planning business letters, memos, e-mail, and other business documents. Learn how to position your message from the reader s point of view, write persuasively, include the right information, and organize the information logically. Expanded sections on language, punctuation, and grammar offer busy professionals the tools they need to get their message across clearly, concisely, and professionally.

Table of contents

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  3. Section 3
  4. Section 4
  5. Section 5
  6. Section 6
  7. Section 7

Product information

  • Title: Professional Writing Skills
  • Author(s): Erin deWard, Natasha Terk
  • Release date: November 2018
  • Publisher(s): Ascent Audio
  • ISBN: 9781469099439