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Profiles of Remarkable Businesses (Collection)

Book Description

Actionable lessons from a century of extraordinary businesses--from Ford to NetFlix, Wal-Mart to Zappos

What you can learn from the world’s greatest businesses: from legendary startups to extraordinary turnarounds! Crucial takeaways from the experiences of McDonald’s, Home Depot, Zappos, Wal-Mart, Oprah (Harpo), Ford, NetFlix, UPS, Lego, Intuit, and many others.

From world-renowned business profilers New Word City and Nancy F. Koehn

Included in this collection:

• How McDonald’s Got Its Groove Back (New Word City)

• Undoing Home Depot’s Demolition (New Word City)

• How Zappos Shoes In Success (New Word City)

• Sam Walton’s Way (New Word City)

• Oprah (Brand) Renew (Nancy F. Koehn)

• Henry Ford’s Way (New Word City)

• How UPS Delivers Again and Again (New Word City)

• How Netflix Produces Happy Endings (New Word City)

• How JetBlue Got Its Wings Back (New Word City)

• Bill Walsh’s Winning Ways (New Word City)

• How Kraft Crafted a Comeback (New Word City)

• Ray Kroc’s Way (New Word City)

• How Lego Built a Comeback (New Word City)

• How Intuit Turned Feedback into a Comeback (New Word City)