Profit + Purpose: How Social Innovation Is Transforming Business for Good

Book description

World-changing ideas become reality with practical, effective planning

Profit + Purpose: Tools to Structure, Fund, and Run a Social Enterprise is a practical step-by step guide to creating a successful socially-oriented business venture. With practical, actionable guidance for all stages of social entrepreneurship, the book provides a roadmap from concept, through implementation, to measurement. The companion website includes video to complement the text, as well as sample legal forms, documents, and business plans, to provide readers with the essential catalyst that helps transform world-changing dreams into reality.

Some of the hottest, most innovative companies in the modern marketplace are changing the face of business by explicitly operating as much for social and environmental impact as for profit. Profit + Purpose highlights this changing dynamic within the global economy by providing a behind-the-scenes look at the journey from idea to successful business. By following successful social entrepreneurs through their challenges, successes, missed opportunities, hard work, and big breaks, readers gain valuable insight into the real-world process of social enterprise. Topics include:

  • Structure—create synergy by putting the right people in the right places

  • Funding—expand opportunities with smart money moves and financial savvy

  • Running—ensure sustainability with effective operations and accurate measurement

  • Experience—gain the insight of those who have been there and have come out on top

  • The companion website also features interviews with CEOs of successful socially-oriented companies like Warby-Parker Eyewear, Etsy, Patagonia, Unilever, and more, providing readers with real-world examples of successful organizations that effectively blend profit and purpose. For those searching for tools and resources to implement social entrepreneurship within an existing company or a new venture, Profit + Purpose: Tools to Structure, Fund, and Run a Social Enterprise is the comprehensive guide to making it work.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. Introduction
      1. Moving Beyond Shareholder Value
      2. Moving Beyond Giving
      3. A Better Way Forward
      4. Can I Really Do Well and Do Good?
      5. How Social Enterprises are Leading the Way
      6. What Sets These Social Enterprises Apart?
      7. Behind the Scenes
    6. Chapter One: Discover Through Curiosity
      1. Identifying the Problem of Eyeglasses
      2. Recognizing the Right Problem for You
      3. A New Kind of Marketplace
      4. Method to Their Madness
      5. Inspiration at a Sleepy Roadside Stand
      6. Innovation from Within
      7. The Bumpy Path to Innovation
      8. Africa's Moonshot
      9. Key Takeaways
    7. Chapter Two: Design with Humility
      1. Bringing Brilliant Design to the Poor
      2. Letting the Users Guide You
      3. Discovering You Need to Pivot
      4. Don't Underestimate the Challenges of Distribution
      5. You Don't Need to be an Expert
      6. Embracing Challenges
      7. User Testing has Many Benefits
      8. Knowing What to Outsource
      9. Finding Early Adopters Takes Work
      10. Creating Demand
      11. Good News Travels Slow
      12. Key Takeaways
    8. Chapter Three: Build with Hustle
      1. The Intuitive Hustle
      2. The Strategic Hustle
      3. Best Laid Plans
      4. Beating the Burn Rate
      5. Simple and Sincere can Work Wonders
      6. Key Takeaways
    9. Chapter Four: Fund Through Commitment
      1. Promoting a New Version of Capitalism
      2. When Profit Trumps Purpose
      3. The Benefits of the Benefit Corporation
      4. The True Cost of Free Money
      5. Smart Crowdfunding
      6. Kickstart
      7. Follow-On Funding
      8. Going to the Well
      9. Embrace 2.0
      10. Vision Capital
      11. Not Having to Ask for Money Again
      12. Investing in the Ecosystem
      13. Key Takeaways
    10. Chapter Five: Connect with Authenticity
      1. Values Drive the Brand
      2. Establishing the Brand Hierarchy
      3. Give Them a Delightful Experience
      4. Reworking One for One
      5. Offer Delightful Experiences
      6. Selective Partnerships
      7. Hit the Road Jack
      8. The Marketing Method to the Madness
      9. Don't Talk at Your Customers, Listen to Them
      10. Building a Community
      11. Press Coverage Trumps Ads
      12. Build Momentum with a Pre-Launch Campaign
      13. Key Takeaways
    11. Chapter Six: Scale Through Community
      1. Making a Mission Truly Meaningful
      2. Keeping on Top of Employee Engagement
      3. Wild Growth
      4. Keeping the Magic Alive
      5. The Limits of Hustle—Tough Decisions
      6. Selling Doesn't Necessarily Mean Selling Out
      7. A Road-Side Startup Goes Corporate
      8. Dumpster Diving
      9. A More Sustainable Supply Chain
      10. Learning from the Big Guys
      11. Becoming More Innovative
      12. Sticking With Strengths
      13. The Challenges of a New Location
      14. Your Reputation May Precede You, But You Need Community Support
      15. Key Takeaways
    12. Chapter Seven: Evaluate with Honesty
      1. Baking Metrics Into Your Process
      2. Considered Design
      3. Throw it Over the Wall
      4. Measuring Your Footprint
      5. Learning to Love Data Mining
      6. Hacking Education
      7. The Bigger you are, the More Data You Have
      8. Collecting Data Over Time
      9. Key Takeaways
    13. Conclusion
    14. About the Website
    15. Index
    16. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Profit + Purpose: How Social Innovation Is Transforming Business for Good
    • Author(s): Kyle Westaway
    • Release date: September 2014
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118708613