Chapter 5. Programming Tools and Tips

As you launch yourself into (or continue) what will hopefully be many productive years as a Drupal programmer, I hope that you will continue to keep the principles of Chapter 2 in mind and avoid the mistakes listed in Chapter 3. You should be able to keep returning to Chapter 4 and outside references such as Examples for Developers for examples and ideas. And for further study, there are suggestions sprinkled throughout this book.

In closing, I’d like to offer a few final tips, tools, and suggestions that you should find useful in your endeavors.

Where to Find More Information

Drupal Site Building and General Drupal Information

When I started using and programming with Drupal, there weren’t really any books available on using Drupal to build websites, so I don’t have any specific general Drupal book recommendations; the Drupal project maintains a list of current books about Drupal at

Here is a list of online resources on site building and the Drupal project in general:

The official User Guide for Drupal, which as of June 2015 is a brand-new work in progress, covers the basics of site building with Drupal.

The Drupal Community Documentation, a wiki-like compendium of pages about nearly everything in Drupal (installation, site building, programming, etc.). It has a lot of coverage, but because it is open to editing by all members ...

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