Appendix A. Resources

This appendix lists 3D web development resources by category. I frequent many of the following sites to find the latest technical information, libraries, tools, cutting-edge demos, and thought pieces by leaders in the 3D development community.

WebGL Resources

The WebGL Specification

The WebGL standard is developed and maintained by the Khronos Group, the industry body that also governs OpenGL, COLLADA, and other specifications you may have heard of. You can find the latest version of the official WebGL specification on the Khronos website.

WebGL Mailing Lists and Forums

Khronos maintains a public mailing list to discuss drafts of the WebGL specification. You can subscribe to the list by following the instructions at

There is also a Google group for discussing more general WebGL development topics outside of the core specification. You can sign up for this list at

WebGL Blogs and Demo Sites

There are many fantastic blog sites devoted to WebGL development. Here are some that I visit on a regular basis:

Learning WebGL

The granddaddy of WebGL sites, created by Giles Thomas and currently maintained by me. This should be your very first stop to learn the basics of low-level WebGL programming and use of the API. It also features a weekly roundup of the latest WebGL demos and development projects.

Learning Three.js

The blog site of Jerome Etienne, focused on Three.js techniques and ...

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