Appendix B. AWS API Error Codes

This appendix contains a listing of the error responses that may be returned by the APIs of Amazon’s S3, EC2, SQS, FPS, and SimpleDB services. These listings are drawn from the API documentation available for each service. They contain the most recent content available when this book was written.

S3: Simple Storage Service

Here is the list of error responses that may be returned by the S3 REST API version 2006-03-01.

Error CodeDescriptionHTTP Response
AccessDeniedAccess Denied.403 Forbidden
AccountProblemThere is a problem with your AWS account that prevented the operation from completing successfully. Please contact customer service at Forbidden
AmbiguousGrantByEmailAddressThe e-mail address you provided is associated with more than one account.400 Bad Request
BadDigestThe Content-MD5 you specified did not match what we received.400 Bad Request
BucketAlreadyExistsThe requested bucket name is not available. The bucket namespace is shared by all users of the system. Please select a different name and try again.409 Conflict
BucketAlreadyOwnedByYouYour previous request to create the named bucket succeeded, and you already own it.409 Conflict
BucketNotEmptyThe bucket you tried to delete is not empty.409 Conflict
CredentialsNotSupportedThis request does not support credentials.400 Bad Request
CrossLocationLoggingProhibitedCross location logging not allowed. Buckets in one geographic location cannot log information to a bucket in another ...

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