Appendix C. Atlas Reference

This Appendix is a reference to the methods and properties of the objects defined in the core Atlas script library (Atlas.js) and in its additional script libraries (such as AtlasUIDragDrop.js, AtlasUIGlitz.js, AtlasUIMap.js, and AtlasWebParts.js).

JavaScript Extensions

Atlas extends some standard JavaScript objects like strings and Booleans with additional methods.

Function Extensions




Dummy type for abstract methods

createCallback(method, context)

Creates a callback method and provides the context as parameter

createCallbackWithArguments(method, context)

Creates a callback method and uses additional parameters provided to the method

createDelegate(instance, method)

Creates a delegate


Dummy type for empty methods

getBaseMethod(instance, methodName)

Returns the method with the given name from the base object


Returns the method’s base type


Returns the method name


Returns a reference to the function provided as string parameter

callBaseMethod(instance, methodName, baseArguments)

Calls the method with the given name from the base object, providing the arguments in the third parameter


Determines whether object implements the given interface or not


Determines whether the object inherits from the given type or not

initializeBase(instance, ...

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