In Clojure, a function call is simply a list whose first element resolves to a function. For example, this call to str concatenates its arguments to create a string:

 ​(str ​"hello"​ ​" "​ ​"world"​)​
 ​-> "hello world"​

Function names are typically hyphenated, as in clear-agent-errors. If a function is a predicate, then by convention its name should end with a question mark. As an example, the following predicates test the type of their argument, and all end with a question mark:

 ​(string? ​"hello"​)​
 ​-> true​
 ​(keyword? :hello)​
 ​-> true​
 ​(symbol? ​'hello​)​
 ​-> true​

To define your own functions, use defn:

 ​(​defn​ name doc-string? attr-map? [params*] body)​

The attr-map associates metadata with the function’s var. It’s ...

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