A Clojure Snake

The Snake game features a player-controlled snake that moves around a game grid hunting for an apple. When your snake eats an apple, it grows longer by a segment, and a new apple appears. If your snake reaches a certain length, you win. But if your snake crosses over its own body, you lose.

Before you start building your own snake, take a minute to try the completed version. From the book’s REPL, enter the following:

 ​(use ​'examples.snake​)​
 ​-> [#<Ref clojure.lang.Ref@65694ee6>​
 ​#<Ref clojure.lang.Ref@261ae209>​
 ​#<Timer javax.swing.Timer@7f0df737>]​

Select the Snake window, and use the arrow keys to control your snake.

Our design for the snake is going to take advantage of Clojure’s functional nature and its ...

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