Writing a Control Flow Macro

Clojure provides the if special form as part of the language:

 ​(​if​ (= 1 1) (println ​"yep, math still works today"​))​
 ​| yep, math still works today​

Some languages have an unless, which is (almost) the opposite of ifunless performs a test and then executes its body only if the test is logically false.

Clojure doesn’t have unless, but it does have an equivalent macro called when-not. For the sake of having a simple example to start with, let’s pretend that when-not doesn’t exist and create an implementation of unless. To follow the rules of Macro Club, begin by trying to write unless as a function:

 ​; This is doomed to fail...​
 ​(​defn​ unless [expr form]​
 ​ (​if​ expr nil form))​ ...

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