This undocumented tag handles administrative tasks related to ColdFusion’s Advanced Security services. Because of the complexity of this tag and the fact that no documentation exists on its usage, the following information provided may be incomplete.


action=" action "

Specifies the action the tag should perform. Possible actions include the following: AddHost, AddPolicy, AddRule, AddRuleToPolicy, AddSecurityContext, AddSecurityRealm, AddUserDirectory, AddUserDirectoryToContext, AddUserToPolicy, CreateODBCQueryScheme, DeleteHost, DeleteODBCQueryScheme, DeletePolicy, DeleteRule, DeleteSecurityContext, DeleteSecurityRealm, DeleteUserDirectory, FlushCache, GenerateRule, GetHost, GetODBCQueryScheme, GetPolicy, GetResourceInfo, GetRule, GetRuleForPolicy, GetSecurityContext, GetSecurityRealm, GetUserDirectory, GetUserDirectoryForContext, GetUserPolicy, GetUserForUserDirectory, RemoveRuleFromPolicy, RemoveUserDirectoryFromContext, and RemoveUserFromPolicy.


The authentication protocol to use. The default value is Basic. This attribute is optional and used only when action is set to AddSecurityRealm.


The type of security cache to flush. Required when action is FlushCache. New as of ColdFusion 5.0.

description=" text "

A description for the object being referenced.

directory=" directory_name "

The name of the security context being referenced.

IP=" IP_address ...

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