Used in conjunction with cftree to populate a Java tree control.


value=" text "

The value to pass when submitting the cfform. If populating the tree from a query, multiple column names should be specified in a comma-delimited list. Required.

display=" text "

The label to use for the tree item. Label names are specified in a comma-delimited list when populating a tree from a query. Optional. The default is value.


Whether or not a given branch should be expanded to show its children branches by default. Optional. The default is Yes. Although undocumented, the expand attribute can accept a comma-delimited list of Yes|No values indicating whether or not to expand additional sublevels in the tree.

href=" URL "

A URL to associate with the tree item or the name of a query column (from a query used to populate the tree) containing href values. If the tree is being populated from a query, href URLs can be specified in a comma-delimited list. The URLs may be relative or absolute. Optional.

img=" filename "

The image to use with the tree item. You may specify a path to your own image or use one of the images supplied with ColdFusion by referencing the image name. Multiple images may be assigned to recursive levels of the tree by entering them in a comma- separated list. Valid options for img are CD, Computer, Document, Element, Folder, Floppy, Fixed, and Remote. Optional. The default image is Folder ...

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