Draws a bar, horizontal bar, line, or pie chart from query and/or static data. The cfgraph tag uses Macromedia Generator and JRun, both installed when you install ColdFusion, to handle the graphing. Because the cfgraph tag can graph only numeric data, you must convert any date, time, and formatted numeric data to integers or real numbers. The cfgraph tag can render graphs in Flash, PNG, and JPEG formats. Although you can adjust the size of the graph, the cfgraph tag currently maintains a height/width aspect ratio of 3: 4. Changing one aspect without changing the other accordingly can result in an excess border around your graph. It should be noted that the cfgraph tag isn’t supported when running ColdFusion on Windows 95/98. This tag has been replaced by cfchart, cfchartseries, and cfchartdata in ColdFusion MX. It is still functional for backward compatibility; however, it may not function exactly as it did in ColdFusion 5. It is recommended you port your cfgraph/cfgraphdata code to cfchart.



The type of graph to create. Required.

backgroundcolor=" color "

Background color for the graph. Colors may be specified by name or hex code in the form bgcolor="##FFFFCC". The double pound signs are necessary to keep ColdFusion from throwing an error. Optional. The default is White.

barspacing=" spacing_in_pixels "

Spacing in pixels between bars in a Bar or HorizontalBar chart. Optional. ...

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