Performs search operations on data contained in Verity collections.


name=" search_name "

Name for the query containing the search results. Required.

collection=" collection_name | collection_path "

The name of the collection you wish to search, or in the case of externally generated collections, the full path to the collection directory. Multiple collections may be searched provided the collection names or paths are separated by commas. When specifying multiple collections, you can’t mix internal and external collections, nor can you have VDK and K2 collections in the same search operation. New in ColdFusion MX, collection names can now contain spaces. Required.


The criteria for the search. All-uppercase or all-lowercase text is treated as case insensitive. Mixed case text is treated as case-sensitive. Optional.


Whether or not the Verity collection being searched was created with a version of Verity other than the one bundled with ColdFusion. Optional. The default is No. This option is no longer used in ColdFusion MX as ColdFusion is now capable of automatically detecting whether a collection is internal or external.

language=" language "

The language to be used when searching the collection. To specify a language other than U.S. English (the default), you must download and install the appropriate Verity Language Pack for ColdFusion MX, available at Optional. ...

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