Chapter 11. Advanced Database Techniques

This chapter attempts to strengthen the concepts we have already covered while adding several advanced techniques to your bag of ColdFusion tricks. These techniques include advanced ways to display query results, query-caching strategies, and advanced SQL topics. The advanced display techniques we’ll cover allow you to enhance the way you display dynamically generated data beyond simple HTML table dumps. Taking advantage of ColdFusion’s query-caching abilities allows you to shave precious processing time off your frequently run queries. The advanced SQL topics cover the essentials necessary for building dynamic, highly scalable applications.

Display Techniques

This section focuses on techniques you can use to enhance the display of dynamic data. Some of these techniques include displaying limited record sets, creating dynamic HTML tables with alternating row colors, working with various multicolumn output displays, and browsing records with next/previous. You will also learn several methods for controlling whitespace in dynamic pages in order to optimize page-download times.

Flushing Page Output

A complaint often heard regarding web applications is the amount of time it takes to return data to a user once a page is requested, be it by a form submission or a URL the user clicks on. Often this is due to the large amount of data a particular operation must sift through and return to the user. In situations such as this, it is often desirable ...

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