Specifies individual column data and formatting information within a CFGRID. Values specified for a CFGRIDCOLUMN override any attributes set in the CFGRID tag.


NAME=" column_name "

A name for the grid column. If the grid column is populated by a query, NAME must be the name of an available query column. Required.

HEADER=" header "

The text to use for the column’s header. Optional. If no value for HEADER is specified, ColdFusion uses the same value as NAME.

WIDTH=" width_in_pixels "

The width of the column in pixels. Optional. The default column width is determined by the longest column value.

FONT=" font_name "

The font name for the data in the column. Optional.

FONTSIZE=" integer "

The font size for the data in the column. Optional.


Whether or not to display the column data in italic. Optional. The default is No.


Whether or not to display the column data in bold. Optional. The default is No.

TEXTCOLOR=" color | expression "

The text color for all data in the grid. Colors may be specified by name (Black, Blue, Cyan, Darkgray, Gray, Lightgray, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow) or hex code in the form TEXTCOLOR="##FFFFCC". The double pound signs are necessary to keep ColdFusion from throwing a syntax error, or you may omit the pound signs altogether. By using the appropriate hex code, you may specify colors that can’t be specified by name. ...

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