CFINPUT — Enhanced in ColdFusion 5.0



Creates text and password input controls, as well as checkboxes and radio buttons, within a CFFORM.


NAME=" name "

The form-field name for the input control. Required.

TYPE=" type "

Type of input control to create. Valid entries are Checkbox, Password, Radio, and Text. Optional. The default value is Text.

VALUE=" initial_value "

The initial value for the input control. Optional.

SIZE=" integer "

The size of the input control. Optional. Ignored when ACTION is Checkbox or Radio.

MAXLENGTH=" integer "

The maximum number of characters to accept for a Password or Text input control. Optional.


Whether or not a checkbox or radio button input control should be checked. Optional. The default is No.


Whether or not the input control requires a value before being submitted. Optional. The default is No.

RANGE=" min_value , max_value "

A range of acceptable numeric values for the form-field. Optional.

VALIDATE=" data_type "

Validates the contents of the form-field before it is submitted, using one of the following criteria:


Validates the form-field data using the mod10 algorithm. A credit-card number can be entered as a single value or with dashes or spaces. ColdFusion automatically strips dashes and spaces before validating.


Requires the form-field value to be in the U.S. date format, mm / dd / yyyy.


Requires the form-field value to be in the European ...

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