Provides ColdFusion with an interface to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers.


SERVER=" ldap_server "

The server name or IP address of the LDAP server you want to connect to. Required.

PORT=" port_number "

The port that the LDAP server listens for requests on. Optional. The default LDAP port is 389.

USERNAME=" username "

Username required for the LDAP connection. Optional. If no username is specified, the LDAP connection is anonymous.

PASSWORD=" password "

Password to accompany USERNAME. Optional.

ACTION=" action "

Specifies the LDAP action to perform. Optional. The default value is Query, which returns entry information from the LDAP server, and requires the ATTRIBUTES, NAME, and START attributes. Add adds entries to the LDAP server and requires the ATTRIBUTES attribute. Delete deletes entries from the LDAP server and requires the DN attribute. Modify modifies entries on the LDAP server except for the distinguished name and requires the ATTRIBUTES and DN attributes. ModifyDN modifies distinguished name entries on the LDAP server and requires the ATTRIBUTES and DN attributes.

NAME=" query_name "

The name to assign to the LDAP query. Required when ACTION is Query.

TIMEOUT=" seconds "

The maximum amount of time in seconds ColdFusion should wait when processing an LDAP action. Optional. The default is 60.

MAXROWS=" integer "

The maximum number of results to be returned for an LDAP query. Optional.

START=" distinguished_name ...

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