Serializes and deserializes data according to the WDDX XML DTD. The CFWDDX tag can also create JavaScript statements that instantiate equivalent JavaScript objects. The CFWDDX tag can serialize/deserialize binary data. Binary data is automatically base64-encoded before being serialized. This capability allows you to send binary files in WDDX packets. More information on WDDX can be found at


ACTION=" action "

The action to be performed by the CFWDDX tag. Required. Possible actions are CFML2WDDX, which serializes CFML to WDDX; WDDX2CFML, which deserializes WDDX to CFML; CFML2JS, which serializes CFML to JavaScript; and WDDX2JS, which deserializes WDDX to JavaScript.

INPUT=" data "

The data to be serialized/deserialized. Required.

OUTPUT=" variable_name "

A variable to hold the data after it has been serialized/deserialized. Required when ACTION is WDDX2CFML. For all other actions, if no value is specified for OUTPUT, the processing results are outputted in the HTML stream.

TOPLEVELVARIABLE=" variable_name "

The name of the top-level JavaScript object created when deserialization occurs. Required when ACTION is set to CFML2JS or WDDX2JS.


Whether or not to use time-zone information when serializing CFML to WDDX. If this attribute is set to Yes, ColdFusion calculates the hour/minute offset for all date/time objects in the WDDX packet. If set to No, local time is used for all date/time objects. ...

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