Appendix 2. Setting Up Your Software Development Environment

This appendix shows the procedure for setting up the GNU software development tools and example source code. The GNU software development tools setup procedure is broken down into two sections: one for Windows and one for Linux. The GNU software tools we use for the example code include the gcc version 3.4.4, as version 2.15, ld version 2.15, gdb version 6.3, and binutils version 2.15.

This book’s web site contains several compressed archive files that expand to include the various source code and tools used in this book. These files are:

Contains the Cygwin setup files and the Windows-based GNU software development tools


Contains the Linux-based GNU software development tools


Contains the eCos source code repository and the eCos development tools (see Appendix D for additional information on setting up the eCos host environment) and examples.tar.gz

Contain the book’s example code


The Linux example code in Chapter 12 has not been built and tested using a host computer running Windows. It is common to use a Linux host system for developing embedded Linux applications.

Building applications for Linux using a Windows host is beyond the scope of this book. It involves the use of the Cygwin free software toolset, a somewhat more involved procedure than the one described in this chapter.

Windows Host Installation

The GNU software development tools were run on a Pentium 4 computer ...

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