Programming Excel® Services

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Get the straightforward information you need to use Excel Services to add Microsoft Office Excel functionality to your Microsoft Windows--based, Web-based, and smart-client applications. This practical guide covers the essentials for adding Office Excel spreadsheets and workbooks to your dashboards and portals running on Microsoft Office SharePoint- Server 2007. Armed with your experience in developing applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework, you'll discover how to enable users to share and reuse data--without regard to platform dependence. You will compare and contrast multiple options for building charts, pivot tables, spreadsheets, and more. The examples are carefully crafted to illustrate Windows, Web, and smart-client application development and are designed to help professional developers build proficiency in Excel Services to help satisfy today's business requirements. Includes code samples in Visual C# and Visual Basic.

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Table of contents

  1. Programming Excel® Services
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    2. Acknowledgments
    3. Introduction
      1. Who This Book Is For
      2. How This Book Is Organized
      3. System Requirements
      4. Code Samples
      5. Support for This Book
        1. Questions and Comments
    4. 1. An Introduction to Excel Services
      1. Excel Services Architecture Overview
        1. Windows SharePoint Services
        2. Excel Web Access
        3. Excel Web Services
        4. Excel Calculation Service Engine
        5. Performance and Scalability Considerations
      2. Excel Services and SharePoint 2007
        1. MOSS 2007 Licensing and Terms of Use
      3. About Office Programming
        1. Alternatives to Excel Services
          1. Office Web Components
          2. Excel COM Interop Libraries
          3. Visual Studio Tools for Office
          4. Third-Party Components
      4. Business Intelligence Systems
      5. Installation and Deployment
        1. Installation Prerequisites and System Requirements
        2. Excel Services Permissions
        3. Installation Walk-Through
          1. About Configuration Options
          2. About the SharePoint Products And Technologies Configuration Wizard
          3. About the Configuration Database
          4. Database Permissions Configuration
          5. SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration
          6. Configuration of Excel Services
          7. About Provisioning Excel Services
          8. About the Trusted File Location
          9. Unsupported Features and Limitations
      6. Finding the Web Application Root
      7. Summary
    5. 2. Excel Web Services
      1. An Introduction to Excel Web Services
      2. Installing and Configuring Excel Web Services
        1. Creating a Simple Excel Web Services SOAP Client Project
        2. Configuring Workbooks for Programmatic Access
          1. Guidelines for Developing EWS Applications
        3. EWS Direct Linking
          1. Guidelines for Developing Direct-Linking Applications
      3. EWS and Authored Spreadsheets
        1. Extending the Simple EWS Client
        2. Analyzing EWS Behavior
        3. Binding EWS Data to .NET Controls
          1. Approach 1: EWS with a listbox
          2. Approach 2: EWS with a DataGridView
          3. A Comparison of Both Approaches
        4. Assigning Values to Ranges
          1. About Range Coordinates
      4. Programming for Web Service Exceptions
        1. Stop and Continue Alerts
      5. Web Services in SharePoint
      6. Summary
    6. 3. Excel Web Access
      1. An Introduction to Excel Web Access
      2. Programming with Excel Services Web Parts
        1. Manual Creation of Web Parts
          1. Signing Web Part Assemblies
          2. Creating Web Parts Projects via Visual Studio Templates
          3. Deploying Web Parts
      3. Modifying Web Parts from SharePoint
      4. Debugging Web Parts in Visual Studio
        1. Responding to Events in Web Parts
      5. Displaying Workbooks in Web Parts
        1. Web Parts and User Controls
          1. Guidelines for Developing User Controls for SharePoint
      6. Timesheet Application
        1. Guidelines for Developing Windows Clients That Target Excel Services
          1. Guidelines for Developing Windows Clients That Target Excel Services
      7. Summary
    7. 4. Excel Calculation Service
      1. An Introduction to Excel Calculation Service
      2. Excel Services API
        1. Excel Sessions
        2. Saving Workbook Data
        3. Excel Services Credentials
        4. Closing Excel Services Sessions
      3. Trusted Locations
        1. Data Connection Libraries
      4. User-Defined Functions in Excel Services
        1. Creating User-Defined Functions
        2. Deploying User-Defined Functions
          1. GAC Deployment for UDFs
        3. Configuring UDFs in SharePoint
        4. Enabling UDFs in SharePoint
        5. Calling User-Defined Functions from EWS
        6. Excel Services UDFs and Data Types
          1. Type Restrictions
      5. Summary
    8. 5. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
      1. Windows SharePoint Services Overview
      2. SharePoint Site Architecture
        1. Developing with WSS
          1. Making Use of Events
          2. Guidelines for Programming WSS Events
          3. Content Migration Programming
          4. Guidelines for Content Management Programming
          5. Developing Search Strategies
          6. Guidelines for Developing Search Strategies
          7. Logging
          8. Guidelines for Developing with Change Logs
          9. Incorporating Security
          10. Guidelines for Developing with Security
          11. Extensible Administration Object Model
      3. Content Database Architecture Overview
      4. Summary
    9. 6. Advanced Web Parts Programming
      1. Advanced Web Part Development
        1. Programmatic Manipulation of Spreadsheets
          1. Programming the xlViewer Object
          2. Object Embedding in Web Parts
          3. Programming Real-Time Web Part Components
          4. Guidelines for Developing with ActiveX Controls
          5. Automating ActiveX Objects in Web Parts
          6. Automating Managed User Controls in Web Parts
          7. Guidelines for Developing Managed User Controls
        2. Registry Access Using Managed User Controls in a Web Page
      2. Exploring Web Part Fundamentals
        1. Configuring Web Parts Permissions
        2. Exporting and Importing Web Parts
          1. Exporting Web Parts
          2. Importing Web Parts
        3. Troubleshooting Import/Export Issues
          1. About Web Part File Types
      3. Web Part Customization
        1. Customizing the Look and Feel of Web Parts
      4. Summary
    10. 7. Advanced Concepts with Excel Services
      1. SharePoint Web Parts Connections
        1. Connecting Web Parts
          1. Creating Connection-Aware User Controls
          2. Creating the Consumer Loader Web Part
          3. Creating the Provider Loader Web Part
          4. Deploying the Web Parts
        2. Guidelines for SharePoint Web Parts
      2. SharePoint Web Part Caching
        1. Working with the Cache Mechanism
        2. Guidelines for Web Part Caching
      3. Code Access Security
        1. Configuring CAS Policy for Managed User Controls
          1. Resolving Permissions Issues that Result from Caching
        2. CAS and Internet Browsers
        3. CAS and UDFs
          1. Configuring CAS Policy for XLL
        4. CAS Policy Deployment Strategies
          1. Customizing the Deployment Process
        5. Guidelines for Applying CAS to UDFs
      4. Beyond SharePoint Programming
        1. Asynchronous Web Parts
        2. Working with SharePoint Features
          1. Creating a Feature
        3. Office Automation with SharePoint
          1. Adding a Custom Web Form to SharePoint
          2. Guidelines for Developing Custom Web Forms with SharePoint
        4. Programming with Accessibility in Mind
      5. Visual Studio 2005 Extensions Templates
        1. Building Team Site Definitions for SharePoint
        2. Building List Site Definitions for SharePoint
        3. Deploying Definitions to SharePoint
        4. Core Schema Files in SharePoint
      6. Summary
    11. Index
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  • Title: Programming Excel® Services
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: June 2007
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 9780735624078