ExpandoMetaClass and DSLs

Categories apply only within the use blocks, and their effect is fairly limited in scope. If we want the method injection to be effective throughout our application, we can use the ExpandoMetaClass instead of categories. Let’s use the ExpandoMetaClass to implement the DSL syntax we saw in the previous section:

getDays = { ->
getAgo = { ->
def​ date = ​Calendar​.instance
date.add(​Calendar​.DAY_OF_MONTH, -delegate)
Calendar​.metaClass.at = { ​Map​ time ->
def​ hour = 0
def​ minute = 0
time.each {key, value ->
hour = key.toInteger()
minute = value.toInteger()
delegate.set(​Calendar​.HOUR_OF_DAY, ...

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