Chapter 23. Case Studies

Hive is in use at a multitude of companies and organizations around the world. This case studies chapter details interesting and unique use cases, the problems that were present, and how those issues were solved using Hive as a unique data warehousing tool for petabytes of data. (Media6Degrees)

Data Science at M6D Using Hive and R

by Ori Stitelman

In this case study we examine one of many approaches our data science team, here at m6d, takes toward synthesizing the immense amount of data that we are able to extract using Hive. m6d is a display advertising prospecting company. Our role is to create machine learning algorithms that are specifically tailored toward finding the best new prospects for an advertising campaign. These algorithms are layered on top of a delivery engine that is tied directly into a myriad of real time bidding exchanges that provide a means to purchase locations on websites to display banner advertisements on behalf of our clients. The m6d display advertising engine is involved in billions of auctions a day and tens of millions of advertisements daily. Naturally, such a system produces an immense amount of data. A large portion of the records that are generated by our company’s display advertising delivery system are housed in m6d’s Hadoop cluster and, as a result, Hive is the primary tool our data science team uses to interact with the these logs.

Hive gives our data science team a way to extract and manipulate large amounts of ...

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