Chapter 2

Knowing How the Company Is Preparing


Bullet Learning what each company is doing to prepare for your interview

Bullet Leading your interview to make sure you stand out

Bullet Understanding how being prepared pays off

Just like a sports team selecting players to draft, you can expect every company that wants to interview you will be ready to ask you a lot of questions. The interviewers will also expect that you’re prepared, but to prepare you need to know how the company’s team is getting ready to evaluate you.

Every company is different, and not just because of the size of the company or the type of product or service the company specializes in. Each business has different needs for the position it’s hiring for. Companies have different interviewing processes. And what’s more, each company has different levels of experience in conducting interviews.

This chapter starts by telling you about how companies approach an interview. Some may focus on your technical prowess. Others will be more interested in your soft skills, including how you mesh with an existing team, how you communicate with customers, and if you’re a good fit with the company culture. You need to know the interview ...

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