Chapter 3

Understanding the Investment a Company Makes


Bullet Understanding why companies are risk-averse

Bullet Helping companies know that hiring you is a great move

Bullet Telling companies how you can help them

A company that hires anyone is making a long-term investment. Hiring a programmer is a particularly valuable investment because a programmer directly affects the products and/or services the company provides.

There’s a lot of money contained within the investment of a programmer. The company may have to hire a recruitment or job search firm to advertise for a programmer, and after that programmer is hired, the company has to pay that firm a commission fee. Even if the company hires a programmer using internal resources, including having other programmers as interviewers, the company has to calculate the costs of the programmers’ time spent interviewing instead of working on company projects.

After the company hires you, it doesn’t just give you a salary — it also gives you benefits such as health insurance and retirement savings plans. And the company has to send payroll and employment taxes to the federal government and to the state the company is located in. What’s more, ...

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