Chapter 5

Shining Up Your Résumé and Social Media Accounts


Bullet Finding out what your online image is and learning to rebrand yourself

Bullet Cleaning up your social media profiles to impress companies

Bullet Making your résumé stand out from the pack

Bullet Writing an effective cover letter

When you’re looking for a job, you’re in the image business. Just like any celebrity in any field, you’re trying to project the best image of yourself you can to fit the role you want to play. (However, we highly discourage wearing fake hair and/or Spanx shapewear as you work to fill the programming role at a company.)

Your résumé and cover letter give a company its first impression of you. Even if the person (or people) responsible for reviewing résumés likes yours, your image management is not yet complete. Today, companies also look very carefully at applicants’ social media profiles not only to see that the experiences on those sites (like LinkedIn) match what’s in your résumé, but also to confirm that they don’t see anything, such as past inappropriate behavior, that could place your résumé in the ...

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