Chapter 13

Closing the Deal


Bullet Managing multiple interviews

Bullet Understanding when a company may contact you and how to follow up

Bullet Learning what to do when a company rejects or doesn’t contact you

Bullet Negotiating the best deal

Bullet Being clear about your health, time off, and retirement benefits

You may have been so focused preparing for the interview that once it’s over you may not know what to do with yourself. In some cases, you won’t have to wait long as the company may ask you back for at least one more interview either on another day or even on the same day as your main interview. We start this chapter telling you about what to do if you receive multiple requests for interviews that companies all want to schedule around the same time. Then we tell you about the different types of interviews you may have with one company and how to manage each one.

Next, we move on to the post-interviews portion of your experience by explaining how long it may take for a company to get back to ...

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