Appendix B. Downloading and Installing Struts

This appendix provides instructions and helpful tips on installing the Struts framework. All attempts have been made to ensure that these instructions work with the latest available versions of the containers. If you encounter any problems, check the STRUTS-USER mailing list.

The Binary Versus Source Distributions

There are two distribution methods for the Struts framework, source and binary. The source distribution gives you more control over the build package environment. However, this method is not for beginners. Unless you have a specific need (e.g., you need to insert a modified class file into the build), you should stick with the binary distribution. This section presents both methods.

Building Struts from the Source Distribution

You can obtain the source packages of Struts and the rest of the Jakarta projects from Several different versions are usually available, so be sure to get the one that’s appropriate for your needs. There is always a nightly build of Struts that includes the latest changes and fixes. In most situations, you’ll want to go with the nightly build, but be aware that it may also include new bugs.


When choosing a download, you have the option of selecting a ZIP file or a compressed TAR file. Choose the one that is appropriate for your operating system.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate version, extract the contents into a directory. The directory doesn’t ...

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