When It’s Time to Use when

Kotlin doesn’t have switch; instead it has when, and that comes in different flavors: as expression and as statement.

When as an Expression

Here’s an implementation of the function to determine if a cell will be alive in the next generation in Conway’s Game of Life.[16]

 fun​ ​isAlive​(alive: Boolean, numberOfLiveNeighbors: Int): Boolean {
 if​ (numberOfLiveNeighbors < 2) { ​return​ ​false​ }
 if​ (numberOfLiveNeighbors > 3) { ​return​ ​false​ }
 if​ (numberOfLiveNeighbors == 3) { ​return​ ​true​ }
 return​ alive && numberOfLiveNeighbors == 2

This code tells if a cell will live in the next generation, but any programmer reading such code may quickly lose motivation to live; the code ...

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