Chapter 2. Programming with MapPoint 2004

MapPoint 2004 provides a rich set of APIs and an ActiveX Control that lets you build powerful location-based business applications. Originally, the MapPoint APIs and ActiveX Control were designed for use with COM technologies, but thanks to .NET interoperability with COM, you can use those COM APIs to build applications using .NET programming languages such as C# and VB.NET.


Keep in mind that it is sometimes tricky to make the COM interfaces work with your .NET code, but I will discuss the tips, tricks, and workarounds in detail.

This chapter explores using the MapPoint 2004 APIs and MapPoint 2004 ActiveX Control to accomplish basic location-oriented tasks, such as finding places, addresses, and points of interest, routing between places, and other lightweight business-oriented tasks, such as optimizing a route. To follow the examples in this chapter, you’ll need Microsoft MapPoint 2004 North America/Europe Edition installed on the development computer, and the Microsoft .NET Framework, Version 1.1 or later.

The MapPoint 2004 Object Model

The MapPoint 2004 APIs and MapPoint 2004 ActiveX Control are designed for building disconnected Windows applications. Since all map data is installed locally on your hard drive, you can build Windows applications that don’t need any network connectivity. However, if you need to build a connected web-based mapping application to keep your application footprint to a minimum size, consider instead ...

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